3BHK Flats For Rent In Moolchand

Flats For Rent In Moolchand Delhi in May averaged at Rs 4,000/sq ft and three months later it dipped to Rs 3,500 and then started looking up around December 2017 to Rs 4,000-4,500. In February the values have again started decreasing to Rs 3,500-4,000. However, the rental market has been active and rentals continue to show an upward trend across different categories. Majority of the flats at Moolchand are 3BHK. According to Surendra Shah, a Delhi property broker, "The dip in prices it Moolchand was primarily because of the rise in the rate of interest."

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Moolchand is one of the most favored places in Delhi but due to the increase in the rate of interest, the potential buyers are unable to buy a flat currently. The supply side has been vigorous but the demand has gone down because of the increase in the rate of interest as it has affected the purchasing capacity of people." Any hustle bustle in the values has been due to the increase in the rate of interest. As for the fact that rentals have been consistently increasing can be attributed to the same reason, 'increase in the rate of interest.'

Flats For Rent In Moolchand

Flats For Rent In Moolchand

Since the buyers found it difficult to buy an own home they are taking homes on rent which is moving up the value trend for rental all across Kailash colony, Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar and Moolchand, though out of all 3BHK Flats For Rent in Moolchand is the most favored due to its good infrastructure. The difference between monthly rent and EMI is huge. For example, if earlier a person was paying approx. Rs 14,000 as EMI for a housing loan, today he/she may have to pay double the amount as EMI. This not only hampers the purchasing power of the consumer but also append on to the burden of their savings and other long-term installments.

Comparatively paying a monthly rental of about Rs 8,000-13,000 (approx) doesn't demand much on a consumers part, who for once can't afford a good house in the same amount in Delhi, but surely can in Moolchand. One of the brokers, Satish Ahuja stated that "if at present the government reduces the rate of interest, there could be no stopping for Moolchand residential real estate market." The residential real estate is a booming market 3BHK Flats For Rent In Moolchand as the infrastructure is this sub city is top notch. Excellent connectivity to other employment centers has made Moolchand a desirable investment option.

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Moolchand is considered to be the buyer's favorite destination. Even otherwise all areas in Moolchand come under the radius of 3 to 34 km. Additionally, there are DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses and the Delhi Metro Feeder services running across the city. If you are looking to invest in Moolchand, then it is one of the most profitable investment options in the National Capital Region in terms of monetary value and future is the rate of returns. Moolchand mostly has 3BHK Units. 3BHK Flats In Moolchand have still not become an investment choice for buyers and developers.


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